Bespattered [adjective]

Definition of Bespattered:

dark and cloudy

Synonyms of Bespattered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bespattered:

Sentence/Example of Bespattered:

Beneath the wagon, invisible at first, trotted a mud-bespattered yellow pup.

Instantly a shower of water bespattered Napoleon's face and clothing, and drenched the papers on the table.

The ground beneath them was bespattered with narcissi and anemones, the very olive trees looked gay.

Windows crashed, portions of egg bespattered many, several persons were struck by missiles, and a great hubbub was created.

The cook, at a sign from Breckenridge, went down, and came back by and by with a man in bespattered blue uniform.

As he spoke he took off his white overcoat, which was all gray and bespattered with mud, and threw it across the saddle.

The man servant hurriedly brought into the governors presence a much bespattered and all but breathless young officer of dragoons.

The men were broken down with fatigue, bespattered with mud, famishing from hunger.

The strongly-built man was bespattered with mud and the others did not look much better.

The next morning the room was found bespattered with blood, and the body of Faust was missing.