Bespatters [verb]

Definition of Bespatters:

slander, defame

Synonyms of Bespatters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bespatters:

Sentence/Example of Bespatters:

The roar of the surf is so great that we cannot hear each other speak, and the rain and foam bespatter our faces.

A pair of lawyers, like a pair of legs, may thoroughly bespatter each other, and yet remain the best of friends and brothers.

Thou dost fall and break thy limbs, and bespatter thyself with mud, like a crocodile, and no one reaches out a hand to thee.

These Tories do so bespatter his lordship with praises, and tell such improbable things about their victories!

Bespattered hogs bespatter others, and he who is full of fault finds fault.

I said 'What a fine fellow you are to bespatter the whole world with this oil of vitriol!'

He expects Sir George should not bespatter him privately, in revenge, but openly.

The green appearance is due to lichens which bespatter them.

And even when they are fallen into that pit they will quarrel at the bottom, and bespatter each other with the mud that is there.

It seems his pleasure to cast filth into the face of purity; and bespatter innocence with foul imputations.