Besprinkled [verb]

Definition of Besprinkled:

strew, disperse

Synonyms of Besprinkled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Besprinkled:

Sentence/Example of Besprinkled:

Great amateurs are both sexes of tinsel and perfumery, and they besprinkle themselves with all kinds of essences.

Already had the snow begun to besprinkle the sky, and the branches of the trees were covered with rime like rabbit-skin.

It would be a public service to besprinkle the path with sand.

Scarcely could I hope, however, with the numberless islands which besprinkle that ocean, she could drive clear of them all.

It is quite unlike the blossoms which besprinkle other rugs.

Besprinkle Ishtar with the waters of life and take her from me.