Bestowments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bestowments:

The descent of the Spirit means the bestowment on Him and His of heaven's best gift as an earnest of all the rest.

It will be easy to devote the accessories, when the principal bestowment has been rendered.

This transcendent pledge of love is the guarantee for the bestowment of every other needed blessing.

In substance or anticipation, this one bestowment contains all good things of God.

Standing at the distance of a hundred years, we are able to measure in some degree the magnitude of this bestowment.

Not laying on burdens, but lightening them—they were a grant of privileges—a bestowment of favors.

Mercy is the bestowment of pardon upon the sinful and undeserving.

To quiet the Indians of the Missouri by conference and the bestowment of gifts.

God hath wise reasons for the bestowment of gifts, and, in someway, gets glory to himself thereby.

This comprehends deliverance from merited sufferings, and the bestowment of happiness which is the contrast of it.