Bestridden [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bestridden:

A horse, they said, was something that they personally had never bestridden.

He rode no inferior animals—the best blooded horses of old Kentucky were bestridden by the daring raider.

Not for twenty years had he bestridden one, and he did not understand such new devices as free-wheels and change of gears.

Not a creature was within call, and those dreaded fissures had to be bestridden.

There loomed, at thirty feet away, colossal beasts bestridden by giants.

At the same time Cully places himself beside that bestridden by Roblez.

Then followed a boat in the shape of a great dolphin bestridden by Neptune; on the poop stood two winged angels to waft it along.

He was in swell society on the occasion of our first meeting, being bestridden by the colonel of the regiment.

Pegasus, bestridden by the historic muse, snorts impatiently for his first feed of warlike beans.

Strange as it may seem, it is very light upon the horse, which is also bestridden by the postilion, or calisero.