Bestride [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bestride:

The chief wanted a brave boy, to bestride a horse and wield a sword, and govern the unruly Grant clan with a strong hand.

It is no known animal which they bestride, having a face something like that of a caterpillar.

In the midst a dark and lazy current, which a tall man might bestride, crept twisting like a snake among the weeds and rushes.

Leg of man, swears grand old Pierre, shall never more bestride my steed; no more shall harness touch him!

Nobody rode at the Hall, and she longed to bestride a pony and dash off for a twenty-mile canter.

Give me the barnacles, my good youth, and who can say what nose they may bestride in two years hence?

In strategy and in military organization you can not successfully bestride two horses at once.

Some somnambulists ride their own animals, while others are content to bestride the steeds of strangers.

Did I bestride a metempsychosized man-eater, a revenant from the bloody days of Nuka-hiva?

You may bestride a good nag, and ride forth, with a pair of saddle-bags, into the enchanted East.