Bestrides [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bestrides:

He then bestrides the royal mule, dressed in kingly robes, which are composed of gold and silver cloth.

Strange as it may seem, it is very light upon the horse, which the postilion also bestrides.

From pavement to bridge, and from bridge to pavement, we effected the long step which bestrides the Rhine.

Among them there is a sketch by Hokusai which reminds me of the way in which my mind bestrides stray fancies that float past.

To the left of the batteries, close to the battalion of Marines, Heintzelman bestrides his horse, near some of his own Division.

We will now prescribe certain rules to be observed in the interests not only of the horseman but of the animal which he bestrides.

And his little son, Don Baltasar Carlos, bestrides a spirited pony and wears at the back of his helmet a tuft of garnet feathers.

This bridge bestrides a lane of almost perpendicular rocks, patched with wood, whose summits are here scarcely five yards asunder.

At last he bethought him of riding upon the spear, as a child bestrides a stick.

In due time a pair of sober, business-like spectacles bestrides the nose.