Bestriding [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bestriding:

There are still a half-score of the water-horses attached, but now in tow astern, and with no one bestriding them.

She saw him, tipsy and triumphant, bestriding the festal table, and yelling with horrid laughter!

He and myself mounted his two best horses, whilst his sons were bestriding others of inferior quality.

Accordingly, bestriding our animals again, we ford the river at that point where a bridge once stood.

I shouldn't like to be a 'lady,' one that's always pictured as bestriding a broomstick.

Caleb rode his camel with a swagger, as though he were bestriding his Sabæan mare.

In the center of the square, bestriding a white horse, sat a stately figure, dressed all in white armor.

I discovered my regiment bivouacked in a meadow near a stone culvert bestriding a large ditch full of water.

Sarah kissed me on the cheek; and I left, bestriding my horse at the gate, and riding through the darkness to my hut.

The mild-mannered Charles was greatly pleased with the fine portrait of himself bestriding the prancing cream-colored charger.