Bestrode [verb]

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Chumru and the ryot bestrode the third horse, and under the guidance of one who knew every path, they set out for the Ganges.

Some few were of gigantic size and rugged aspect, to suit the massive men who bestrode them.

After some experience of the horse's paces, the king declared, "It was the heaviest, dull jade he ever bestrode."

He bestrode a splendid black horse, and was arrayed in coal-black armour, while from his casque rose black ostrich plumes.

Carson's steed stood the great strain admirably, but the one bestrode by the Indian succumbed.

But as I bestrode my horse and we recommenced our journey along the silent roads I felt my head ache worse than ever.

The French king in fact "bestrode the realm, having one foot in Calais and the other in Scotland."

Next day, when the canoes had gone ahead, Power bestrode one of the dozen horses which accompanied the expedition.

Every one of the three women bestrode a broom, and away they went over mountain and glen.

Werner von Orseln, begrimed and drunken with battle, bestrode the body of Prince Conrad.