Beta [adjective]

Definition of Beta:

being tested

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Sentence/Example of Beta:

Here are a few reasons why that is and why I believe GPT-3, a beta version of which was recently released by the OpenAI Foundation, might be a game changer in legal and other knowledge-focused organizations.

Recommendations, which were released as a closed beta in November, are now available globally.

It is still in beta and even though Google has publicly announced it, it is not yet available to everyone.

Instead, it gave the algorithm to select researchers who applied for a private beta, with the goal of gathering their feedback and commercializing the technology by the end of the year.

Google recently took the rich result test out of beta and announced it will deprecate the older structured data testing tool.

Quora has rolled out Lead Gen Forms for advertisers after a few months of beta testing.

In late June SpaceX announced it was looking for beta testers for its internet service.

Acetone is derived from decomposition of diacetic acid, and this in turn from beta-oxybutyric acid by oxidation.

Beta is not formed from alpha; one is first, the other is second, and no one knows why.

We want to work out a substitute for Beta that will keep the flavor of the drink without the psycho-physiological effects.