Bethels [noun]

Definition of Bethels:

congregation of a church

Synonyms of Bethels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bethels:


Sentence/Example of Bethels:

"I don't ask about the election; I heard all that at the railway station," returned Otway Bethel, impatiently.

And so you took a bribe to conceal one of the foulest crimes that man ever committed, Mr. Otway Bethel!

Otway Bethel came in for a side shaft or two from his lordship; Richard Hare for sympathy.

And the actress was a Christian, godly, if not according to the godliness of Little Bethel.

The speaker was Otway Bethel, who was on the opposite side of the street; the spoken to, the gentleman with the jewellery.

He wanted to deny it—to put it on Richard; and he turned and whispered to Otway Bethel, who stood behind his chair.

With her aunt she went on Sunday to the Little Bethel, and heard him preach, but he did not seek a private interview with her.

One would scarcely imagine that Little Bethel would have had much appeal to her.

He also wore several very fine rings, and officiated with what was certainly religious tolerance at the M.E. Bethel Church.

They talked a great deal up at Little Bethel of a "change of heart."