Bethinks [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bethinks:

The affair of the wolf having passed off so well, Alan began to bethink himself of other adventures.

Of course our artist did not bethink himself long, but sat down at once, and launched out into an improvisation on a Polish air.

Not till the door had closed behind her did we bethink us that it was to a humble peasant girl we had paid unconscious homage.

But bethink yourself that Maria will ask, who knows, a good few crowns for this shaving.

Bethink ye whether the knight did not then think of Bishop Roger and his episcopal nephew!

I sealed these carefully up, and began to bethink me whom I should appoint my literary executor.

Besides, bethink you how low is our purse, with bailiff and reeve ever croaking of empty farms and wasting lands.

Well, I will talk no more of this; and we will bethink us of the means of getting him out of the hands of the Hurons.

From his door to destitution there is only a step, and bethink yourself twice before you take it.

Well, bethink you, Ford, would not more power and expression have been put into the face by a long and noble beard?