Betide [verb]

Definition of Betide:


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Sentence/Example of Betide:

It may well betide that you shall come to beg upon your knees for this alliance with a man whom you tell me that you hate.

Her soul was numb, her courage seemed dead, and little care had she in that hour of what might betide her now.

But off the stage, woe betide us both, I should lose all my advantages.

He was always for bold attack, and would be ready on the morrow, we did not doubt, for whatever might betide.

The whirlies tracked about in a most irregular manner and woe betide any light object which came in their path.

Although no doubt we are valiant sailors—and woe betide the infatuated man who shall venture to deny it!

Woe betide the wretch who is born to behold this plain, with the judgment hanging about his soul!

In an English court of law such a matter could not remain dark;—nor ought it, let whatever misery betide.

Wo betide the family of the rich boor, who presumed to depart this life without a passport from Dr. Luke Lundin!

Thou mayest not conceal it, unhappy though it be, or if ill betide my life.