Betimes [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Betimes:

He controlled himself betimes, bethinking him that, after all, there might be some reason in what this fat fellow said.

Let your orders for preparation go round tonight, so that your knaves may be ready to set out betimes to-morrow.

Up betimes and to my office preparing an account to give the Duke this morning of what we have of late done at the office.

Up and to my office all the morning, and great pleasure it is to be doing my business betimes.

Rose this morning early, only to try with intention to begin my last summer's course in rising betimes.

Up betimes and in my office wrote out our bill for the Parliament about our being made justices of Peace in the City.

Up betimes and to my office all the morning with Captain Cocke ending their account of their Riga contract for hemp.

Up very betimes, and angry with Will that he made no more haste to rise after I called him.

Up betimes and to my office, and anon we met upon finishing the Treasurer's accounts.

Up betimes and to my office, where doing business alone a good while till people came about business to me.