Betrayed [verb]

Definition of Betrayed:

be disloyal

Opposite/Antonyms of Betrayed:

Sentence/Example of Betrayed:

Sometimes he betrayed both sides to stay faithful to himself.

Three days after Thanksgiving, filmmaker Laura Poitras received a blandly chipper text signaling the end of her time with the media organization she co-founded and which she now says has betrayed its mission.

In other words, it is not your body betraying you to the point that it’s denying you your ability to do what you desperately need, and not responding to efforts to fix the problem, and with no end in sight.

It is not clear whether this trait is part of his normal genetic heritage or whether it betrays awareness of being special.

A Capitol officer who was present during the attack said the rank-and-file of the department feel demoralized and betrayed by leadership.

Which means the memory we made, the one I’d been so afraid would betray me, would stay happy memory.

A party that isn’t punished for betraying the public trust will keep betraying it.

Those writers can and will claim to have been betrayed by polls.

She loved her ex-girlfriend deeply even though the girlfriend had betrayed her, and said she wished to be this girl’s guardian angel.

He turned at the sound of my voice with vastly more concern than he'd betrayed under the muzzle of Piegan's gun.