Betrayers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Betrayers:

Otherwise, it betrayed no sign that snow would finally fall on the morrow.

The dimming and wobbling of TOI-178′s star betrayed the presence of six exoplanets packed tightly together.

Some — composed of hastily torn cardboard, crammed, messy Sharpie writing and excesses of duct tape around the edges — betray the sense of urgency that went into their creation.

The latter theme is sometimes punctuated with anecdotes from distraught parents who have been led to believe that their children are being betrayed by an unenlightened educational establishment.

Considered more closely, however, the two days betrayed their differences.

If I see anything that toucheth me, shall I come forth a betrayer of myself presently?

Her pride did not even allow her to admit that the girl had gone away after her betrayer.

He was back in the office forthwith, and in the next morning's issue denounced his betrayer.

It had been horrible to fancy for a moment that this man whom she despised in her heart could be her mother's betrayer.

No inconsistency about a woman betrayed executing vengeance on her betrayer!