Betraying [verb]

Definition of Betraying:

be disloyal

Opposite/Antonyms of Betraying:

Sentence/Example of Betraying:

In fact, I don't think I am betraying her confidence, when I say that the whole village seems to be aware of it.

"I suppose I must not ask you any questions about it, for fear of betraying the fellows," said Dr. May, half smiling.

The Rector laid his hand on the slender fingers, hot with fever, whiter than they ought to be, betraying life's inward care.

Young Harney's face grew grave, but without betraying the consciousness of guilt she had looked for.

You're of the kind I should like to reward, an excellent double-faced man, Judas-like, betraying with a kiss.

He stood upright and quiescent, betraying by neither sign nor movement that her words could hurt him.

Still, Hollister knew that to be only a mood, that unexpected tenderness for a woman whom he had hated for betraying him.

She fell back in amazement, betraying her surprise by the movement.

They will commit any baseness for money, except betraying their masters.

He could step briskly and not be fearful of betraying himself.