Betrothals [noun]

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For had it not been for this gloomy blot of my betrothal to her I would not now have exchanged my life for that of any man I knew.

There was a public betrothal which effected the reconciliation.

This is why SHE was brought here on the eve of my betrothal.

If they knew of Glacier Point and the betrothal, they might believe him.

Very wisely he had refused to accept a bill for this sum; it had to be paid to him before the betrothal.

But Tess's desire seemed to be for a perpetual betrothal in which everything should remain as it was then.

The betrothal took place in the palace of the Louvre, on Sunday the seventeenth of August.

They however became engaged to each other, and the betrothal continued three years.

Deaneira, however, much preferred her new lover, and begged him to free her from the betrothal with Achelous.

Wedding rings were used both by the Greeks and Romans, but then only at the ceremony of betrothal, and not that of marriage.