Betrotheds [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Betrotheds:

Farther down the gravel-walk strolls a young Frenchman and his fiancée—the mother of his betrothed inevitably at her side!

One day her mother heard her singing a popular nautical ballad, on the devotion of a sailor's bride to her betrothed.

This evening Rudy and Babette sat together, as betrothed, for the last time at the mill.

And, since he was her betrothed, one or two iron-gray hairs in the man's head had turned white, and lines deepened in his face.

When the proud senator returned home, he told his wife that he had that day betrothed their daughter.

He had just been betrothed, was not yet wedded; thought good to turn the interim to advantage in that way.

I think except as your betrothed she does not even like me very well, although she was so kind when I came away.

Her betrothed had played the game like the gentleman he was to a losing finish.

Then his betrothed had been right; Jim had not fired the shot!

But the girl did not care for the man as a girl ought to care for her betrothed husband.