Betrothment [noun]

Definition of Betrothment:

pledge to marry

Synonyms of Betrothment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Betrothment:

Sentence/Example of Betrothment:

Last Thursday Countess L. opened the season with an unusual event—a betrothment ball.

And when he gave her the kiss of betrothment her lips grew white.

You shall marry Aurelia, and in a few days we shall solemnize the betrothment.

The real lover returning, enters at this moment, and produces the ring which she had once given him in sign of her betrothment.

Sent perhaps on the occasion of the betrothment of William's daughter to the king of Gallicia, which has been before mentioned.

Her beauty, her wit, they were her own; but they had availed her little before her betrothment to Rube.

Tant Sannie was well satisfied when told of the betrothment.

She was eighteen and adorable, but her mother would not hear to a betrothment.