Betroths [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Betroths:

But before permitting you to go I wish, not having been able to wed you myself, to betroth you to the one you have chosen.

It has pleased me to betroth Brighteyes to Gudruda, and it pleased me not to betroth her to Ospakar, and that is enough for thee.

She flew off to betroth herself; but Mr. Crane would have none of her, and she flew back again.

This will anger him greatly, for he wishes to betroth me to the son of the king of the Green City, whom I like not at all.'

Betroth your young princess to Montagu's son, the representative of all the Neviles.

But as in the upper classes it was customary to betroth children still in the cradle, absence of consent could readily be alleged.

I only say, For six months to come, betroth yourself to no other man.

It was the custom to betroth before marriage, as it is at this day.

The knight turns out here again to be the queen's son; the queen says he shall betroth Hille, and Hille faints for joy.

The marriage itself is purely moral: I will betroth her to Me in righteousness and justice, in leal love and tender mercies.