Bets [noun]

Definition of Bets:

game of chance; money gambled

Synonyms of Bets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bets:

Sentence/Example of Bets:

Before that, the firm made bets on the likes of ClassPass and Equinox.

Facebook's foray into virtual and augmented reality, which it doubled down on this week, is a bet on where the future of online social interaction is heading.

If you want to vote by mail, your best bet is to visit your state or local election office’s website.

It’s so far been a winning bet for Buffett, with the value of Berkshire’s investment more than doubling by lunchtime.

Fifty-seven professional investors turned him down—a Stanford-pedigreed venture capital veteran with experience operating inside two early major tech startups, who knew exactly what kind of rationale these firms used to place their bets.

The Robinhood influx, says Chang, has also led to a surge in short-dated options contracts as amateur investors seek to make bets on weekly stock movements.

That risks the pound falling to a 35-year low, stocks that lag international peers, and bond yields turning negative for the first time amid bets on Bank of England interest-rate cuts, fund managers say.

If you want to avoid the crowds, late fall is your best bet.

They point out that traders could have outsize influence by concentrating their bets on a narrow set of high-profile names while other trading activity is reduced.

Home buyers were confident that prices would increase, investors were confident they were making safe bets, and banks were confident that they weren’t overextended.