Bettered [verb]

Definition of Bettered:

improve performance; outdo

Synonyms of Bettered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bettered:

Sentence/Example of Bettered:

They’re also going to have to do a much better job of making the case for why they exist so their donors, even in a tight financial time, feel the need to continue to support the work that they do.

VOSD contributor Jared Whitlock requested death certificates in April to see where the virus was moving and to better understand how the county was managing the public health crisis.

Ironically, with covid-19, there’s probably never been a better opportunity to find someone outside the organization who would gladly take your boss’s place.

Those records could be used to track the virus, compare the accuracy of reported data and better understand how the county was managing the public health crisis.

Peale and his family moved their own home to the basement of the museum, so as to better manage the ever-growing enterprise.

India, Brazil, large democracies learned through each of them, and we’ve been doing work over the years to be better prepared for what’s to come.

While extractive techniques used to be more popular due to the limitations of NLP systems, advances in natural language generation in recent years have made the abstractive one a whole lot better.

Proofs of impossibility can help us better understand all areas of math.

Struggling with impossibility could give you a better understanding of what actually is possible.

He’ll undoubtedly aid Ayton’s efforts to become a better defender, too.