Betterments [noun]

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And our views of poverty and social betterment, or what is possible and what is not, are still largely conditioned by it.

Social betterment must depend at every stage on the force of public spirit and public morality that inspires it.

Every cent that is spent upon the betterment of the population will come back, sooner or later, as two.

These are personal hygiene, selection of healthy mates, and the betterment of the environment.

Nor are we fond of hearing the English-speaking peoples talking about "the betterment of all mankind."

This Congress and American education are aiming at the same thing in the end—the betterment of American life.

Every great movement, which has for its object the betterment of the lot of mankind, lags far behind the times.

The best plan is to get a few of the many books on town betterment and read them before any reform is undertaken.

She was constantly devising means for the betterment of the schools, both as to buildings and methods of instruction.

Burlingame came more than once to the hotel, for Clemens was really ill now, and they discussed plans for his future betterment.