Betting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Betting:

No miser ever had a more cheerful and happy hour than I had as I read the betting-book at Thwaites'.

He also attends to all the large races, but he does little betting, because the Queen is opposed to gambling.

Not so: Dawkins won always, Mr. B. betting on his play, and giving him the very best of advice.

Men were betting whether the Unionists would lose more or less than two hundred seats.

I suspect some Army money went on him, quietly, although little betting was now done in our presence.

Fox and other gamesters of the wild time supplemented the faro-bank by betting at Newmarket.

Cock-fighting, though widely condemned, was practised even by gentlemen, chiefly as a means of betting.

And then the betting—what a deal we may make by the betting!

Gaming and betting will flourish and many will grow rich by them.

Everybody laughed, and Grimiti asked, 'Is betting permitted?'