Beveled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beveled:

The display size will remain at its current 13-inch diagonal measurement, but Apple will reportedly realize smaller overall sizes by reducing the bevel that surrounds the screen’s edge, among other sizing changes.

This classic open-shelf storage unit has beveled edges on the back two corners for easy use in corners of rooms.

The individual prisms are usually slender, with one beveled, wedge-like end, but are sometimes needle-like.

The walls were graced—not crowded—by a tall beveled mirror of French plate and some delicious paintings, framed in gilt.

He beveled the planks as deeply as he dared, and made his cut around three sides of his square.

One of the best known uses four little beveled pinions, which are placed in the main driving wheel as shown in the cut.

The pedestal is a simple column of marble, four and one-half feet high, slightly tapering toward the top, with beveled corners.

The blade is incurvate, beveled on each side of both faces, and is in rare instances serrated.

Now place the beveled end of the short lath in the slot of the long lath and the trap is set.

Several beveled examples were illustrated by Suhm, Krieger and Jelks, 1954.