Bevels [noun]

Definition of Bevels:

slanting edge

Synonyms of Bevels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bevels:


Sentence/Example of Bevels:

The mandibles are powerful, with bevelled tips and three or four teeth on the edge of the bevel.

With overhead cam-shafts, bevel gears work out very well in practice, as in the Hall-Scott motors and others of that type.

If both are of the same diameter, they are called bevel gears; if of different diameters, miter gears.

There are several forms of differential gears, differing largely as to combination of spur or bevel cogs.

The makers claim that lost motion can be taken up in a bevel gear much better than in a spur gear.

By bevel gears and a long shaft the power is conducted to the differential gear in connection with the rear wheels.

The compensating gear is of the bevel type, half shrouded and so close together that sand and grit are kept out.

This ship requiring further investigation, I put a prize crew on board and sent her to Bevel.

The bevel wheels at the end of the rollers are naturally covered as a protection against accidents.

The flaking used to bifurcate the stem appears to be of the same type as that used to bevel the stem edges.