Bevies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bevies:

Backpackers anxious to avoid this scenario will find a bevy of lightweight dehydrated and freeze-dried dishes that promise both flavor and nutrition.

There are popular tubing sections and afternoon paddles, and a bevy of public land and commercial campgrounds located throughout make this river the ideal multiday romp.

Todd Gloria, the mayoral candidate with the support of the Democratic Party and a bevy of public employee union support, says it’s not the right time.

The bevy of other tech startups that went public in 2020 all used the traditional IPO method.

As the world’s public health and economic crises give rise to a mental health one, researchers are exploring a bevy of innovative solutions to help people monitor and regulate their emotions.

With both the Heat and Cavaliers teams that won championships, James was surrounded by other stars and a bevy of lethal 3-point shooters.

Around her skirts a whole bevy of Cupids are gathering blossoms and offering them to the girl.

The two Kit had pointed out were, as well as we could judge, the fairest of the bevy.

Then he paused irresolutely and eyed the gay bevy of children.

The Myrmidons were the only living souls within that radius, except for Forrester himself and his bevy—and the Symes trio.