Bewails [verb]

Definition of Bewails:

cry over, lament

Synonyms of Bewails:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bewails:

Sentence/Example of Bewails:

To bewail the loss of a person we love is a happiness compared with the necessity of living with one we hate.

Do you remember how those poor girls used to bewail the restrictions to their reading?

It is better to drop a tear over the inconsistency of human nature, and to bewail those infirmities which cannot be justified.

Three days afterwards he sailed from the port of the Holy Cross, leaving crowds of the natives to bewail the loss of their chiefs.

And now that God has granted my prayer, I bewail His way of doing it.

Now they shout and cheer, now they lament and bewail, as loud as they can.

Was there in that hacienda, where he was hourly expected, one who would bewail it?

Think only of yourself, and those who might bewail your death.

Now it happened that Osmo, the Bear, had just lost his wife and was out looking for some one to bewail her death.

This time the dried meat was gone, and all the women did nothing but bewail their misfortunes.