Bewhiskered [adjective]

Definition of Bewhiskered:

having facial hair

Synonyms of Bewhiskered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bewhiskered:


Sentence/Example of Bewhiskered:

"Just between ourselves, I'm not a regular hermit," said the plump bewhiskered one, sitting gingerly on the edge of a frail chair.

Yet out of the whole box of masks it had been the Bengal Tiger's fiercely bewhiskered visage that had fascinated Flame the most.

Ding-dong caught one bewhiskered old fellow in the very act of abstracting a spark plug.

Let's go powder our noses while these bewhiskered gentlemen reap their beards.

Although ferociously bewhiskered, he is the mildest and best-natured man in town.

One cannot mingle much in society here without meeting some bewhiskered, mysterious individual, who claims to be of noble birth.

Home was a blackened stem yellowing with age against a bewhiskered face.

He is a young man, but so bewhiskered that his face suggests a hermit intelligence staring at life through his own wilderness.

An old woman with her one precious possession saved—a bewhiskered goat—hears her, and crosses herself.

Mrs. Carter, said slow old bewhiskered John Hoyt, was an extremely pretty woman.