Bewildered [adjective]

Definition of Bewildered:


Opposite/Antonyms of Bewildered:

Sentence/Example of Bewildered:

She was so bewildered as to be more alive to the present distress of his condition than to the vague horrors downstairs.

As he fell a great blackness rose around him, and with it the bewildered clamour of awakened dogs.

He cast one bewildered glance into Dorothy's laughing, sympathetic face and, also, began to laugh aloud.

The charcoal drops, and the prisoner, passing his hand across his eyes, gazes bewildered at his own work.

Most girls of her age would have been enchanted and bewildered by this display of royal grandeur.

Joan stared at him; she was still dazed and bewildered, and still imagined herself with the companion of her trance.

Jessie felt just a little bewildered as great, familiar names tripped off the tongue of her companion.

Bewildered, not altogether unhappy, she sat alone while he went out under the stars.

Then the owners of the voices came into view, and the expression on all the faces changed to bewildered amazement.

She had taken up the bill, and was handling it nervously, a deep flush on her bewildered young face.