Bewildering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bewildering:

The attempt failed, and was followed by a rapid succession of miscellaneous thrusts and passes in bewildering variety.

And now, hosts of bewildering and confused ideas came crowding on his mind.

The excitement of the day, and this dim light of stars and bewildering mist combined to trick me.

She wondered if he had met as many people and received as many bewildering impressions as she had done.

Very cautiously he lowered the mental barrier and the man's thoughts impinged on his mind in bewildering confusion.

And so they were caught fairly and squarely by the deluge that swept upon them with a bewildering suddenness.

Rain and wind had sculptured the cliffs into bewildering and fantastic forms which added to their brilliant coloring.

It takes so many forms that it is bewildering, and therefore not readily reduced to unity.

He watched the many features of the bewildering panorama with childish enthusiasm.

It grew darker, and the rain poured down;49 then came the snow, dazzling and bewildering.