Bewilders [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bewilders:

He manifests himself to mankind only to stupefy their judgment and bewilder the reason he has bestowed on them.

Och, and the girls whose poor hearts you deracinate, Whirl and bewilder and flutter and fascinate!

Give me one day, and I'll give you a list of subjects that would bewilder you!

The question of how many cards to leave is one which seems to bewilder most people.

Adieu, Wilhelm: I will not further bewilder myself with this subject.

They are enough to frighten the most courageous student at the outset, and to bewilder him in his studies.

One would be near the meaning in declaring it to bewilder men with the riddle of openhandedness.

When reason and logical argument failed him, he relied on a stentorian voice and his power to bewilder.

When she entered the station the change from the blinding glare outside to the shade within seemed to bewilder her.

He had attempted to use the scarecrow he had stolen from the cornfield across the road to bewilder anybody who might pursue him.