Bewitches [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bewitches:

At the beginning of October, 33-year-old Dume, who prefers to use his middle name only, believed he had been bewitched.

This charming creature—I tell you she is irresistible—her very oddities bewitch me.

I've been told that country wizards carve images of their victims, and give them the names of those they'd bewitch.

Like foxes and badgers, they are able to bewitch human beings.

Thou liest; or wilt thou even yet deny that thou didst bewitch old Paasch his little girl with a white roll?

But, Baas, those Black Kendah wizards forgot to bewitch him against the little yellow man, of whom they took no account.

Her wonderful eyes seemed to bewitch Mother Nolan, even as they had bewitched the skipper.

I am,' she sang, 'I am sweet Siren who bewitch sailors by mid-sea, so full am I of charm to hear.

Then let they bewitch into the hound the wisdom of three men, and he barked two words and spake the third.

The magic wand of the fairy has touched her, and she comes forth a new being, a vision of beauty to bewitch the world.