Bewitchingly [adverb]

Definition of Bewitchingly:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Bewitchingly:


Sentence/Example of Bewitchingly:

Joyce clung to Jack's arm, bewitchingly helpless and dependent.

A little smile curved her cheek bewitchingly, as the brilliance of her large eyes caressed him approvingly.

Their white necks and arms gleamed bewitchingly through silvered lace.

She found her beauty attractive, her voice melodious, and her manners bewitchingly caressing.

How bewitchingly pretty she looked in her field-flower hat and leaf-green gown!

“You must be Mr. Friendleton,” the maiden said, courtesying bewitchingly.

It gives an air of such profound unselfishness; it asks so mutely, so bewitchingly, for consolation!

Had she arranged them so bewitchingly with any reference to some one who might chance to pass that way?

Miss Depew looked more Gibsonish than ever, and she smiled at him bewitchingly; with a smile as hard and brilliant as diamonds.

I stood still to admire her; for never before had I seen her so bewitchingly beautiful.