Bewitchments [noun]

Definition of Bewitchments:

spell, magic

Synonyms of Bewitchments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bewitchments:

Sentence/Example of Bewitchments:

Whereupon he told it: a fantastic piled narrative of bewitchment and miracles that set Shamlegh agasping.

Then she turned from him, and as he watched her run towards home he wished he had lied to her and risked bewitchment.

Others, in Paris and London, had looked with less of pure bewitchment and more of desire in their eyes.

The monasteries were frequent sources of that form of mental disease which was supposed to be caused by bewitchment.

Such anatomical intimacy with the piano would destroy for me the bewitchment of the Moonlight Sonata.

Incredible as it seems to-day, this was accepted as "evidence" of Mrs. Corey's bewitchment.

It is therefore interesting to read his carefully worded statement as to the alleged bewitchment of the Earl of Essex.

The narrator makes it clear that a certain woman was suspected of the bewitchment.

The short hour of twilight brought, too, a bewitchment into the silence that was a little less than comfortable.

Her shop windows alone would draw ones money up from the depths of the pocket, through the bewitchment of the eye.