Bibliothecas [noun]

Definition of Bibliothecas:

book repository

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Sentence/Example of Bibliothecas:

I know not how the collection of the author of the Bibliotheca Lusitania became part of the royal library.

Any individual who has time and patience to expend ad libitum, cannot desire a fairer field of exercise than the ‘Bibliotheca.’

The last edition of the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum was printed at Leipzig in 1682.

Eight subject indexes—only the fourth is not alphabetical—make the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum fully usable.

A bibliotheca philosophica of that time would include as a matter of course everything but theology, law, and medicine.

Labb's Bibliotheca bibliothecarum needs only a new index of subjects to become a reference work useful to a modern scholar.

In order to run them down in the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum one must read the entire book.

The title page gives credit to Labb only for an appendix entitled Bibliotheca nummaria.

In his subtitle Beughem makes clear what he intended to include in the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum.

Like Labb, he includes none of the collections of texts that were entitled bibliotheca.