Bicameral [adjective]

Definition of Bicameral:

having two of something

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Sentence/Example of Bicameral:

It is a bicameral legislature composed of an upper house, the Senate, and a lower house, the House of Delegates.

The importance of the bicameral system is strongly insisted upon by the commentator of the Constitution.

In structure it represents a curious cross between the principles of unicameral and bicameral organization.

The legislative branch in North Dakota consists of a bicameral legislature which meets in January each odd-numbered year.

The two houses of Parliament had made the colonists accustomed to the bicameral system.

Other early colonies passed through the same stages; colonies of later foundation took up the development at the bicameral stage.

Herein the legislative authority was vested in a General Assembly, which was organized on the bicameral plan.

The legislature is bicameral, senators holding office for four years, representatives (about thrice as numerous) for two.

In addition the bicameral house is cumbersome and provocative of delay.