Bice [adjective]

Definition of Bice:

emerald in color

Synonyms of Bice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bice:

Sentence/Example of Bice:

Having thus stated his grievance, Mr. Bice considered the remedy.

Bice had a few things left that once belonged to his mother and father.

Factitious green bice and mountain green have a like composition.

He and Bice read Hebrew daily with me, and they will have soon a very fair knowledge of it.

Bice, who speaks Mota very well, was very energetic during his fortnight here.

A real living child familiarly called Bice, the diminutive for Beatrice, enamoured Dante with a real, genuine love.

Never shall any verse of mine be uttered from my lips, or from the lips of others, without the memorial of Bice.

Bice is Grecian, with a face like that of a marble statue, and a soul of purely classic mould.

Langhetti wished to search after his "Bice;" Despard wished to find those whom his dead father had denounced to him.

She was trying to paint a fairy queen's frock with green bice, and it wouldn't rub.