Biceps [noun]

Definition of Biceps:

limb, appendage

Synonyms of Biceps:

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Sentence/Example of Biceps:

The nose was very large, because this among the blacks indicates great endurance; whilst the biceps were abnormally developed.

If the biceps is in proportion, Bandsman Blake should tremble.

But I am now in splendid training; my right biceps is like a cricket-ball, and I feel that I could serve all day without tiring.

Two days before Christmas, Biceps Grimlund was sitting in his room, looking gloomily out of the window.

A typical pair of opposed muscles are the biceps and triceps of the upper arm.

In this case the biceps must exert two units of strength more than the triceps, that is, seven units.

"Set" the muscles of the arm by contracting the biceps and triceps with the utmost possible strength.

The main flexor is the biceps, the large muscle which may be seen standing out in front of the arm when a weight is raised.

Mr. Briggerland breathed a little more quickly as he felt the strength of the patient's biceps.

He insulted the croupiers, inviting them to step outside on the Square, while his biceps swelled like a prize fighter's.