Bickered [verb]

Definition of Bickered:

nastily argue

Synonyms of Bickered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bickered:

Sentence/Example of Bickered:

And, for want of better measure, he seized lustily a bicker that lay near him, and dashed a quantity of the liquor into it.

They were cast in a quieter time and refuse to bicker on a paltry minute.

Kirsty and Jenny, two country lassies, were supping their "parritch" from the same bicker in the harvest-field one morning.

We grow old and wrinkled and sick; we bicker with those we love; it grows harder to remember, easier to forget.

There is a homely saying in Wiltshire that married people are made to bicker and breed.

The two men bicker across the lady, as though the next word would bring blows.

Walter Scott was all but a dunce when a boy, always much readier for a “bicker,” than apt at his lessons.

They would bicker with each other, and not unfrequently abuse each other.

For, notwithstanding the endless bicker of these two heroes, they loved each other well.

It was amusing to hear Grandpapa and Aunt Nicole bicker about what the whites called "faith."