Biconcave [adjective]

Definition of Biconcave:

curved, depressed

Synonyms of Biconcave:

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Sentence/Example of Biconcave:

Cartilaginous or partially calcified biconcave vertebrae are always well developed; they constrict the notochord intervertebrally.

Biconcave cartilaginous vertebrae are developed, and as is the case in most fishes, constrict the notochord vertebrally.

The vertebral centra are opisthocoelous or biconcave, and there are numerous precaudal vertebrae.

The vertebrae are biconcave and are very numerous; very few however belong to the tail.

In Labyrinthodontia the centra of the vertebrae are generally well ossified biconcave discs.

In Gymnophiona the vertebrae are biconcave and are very numerous, they sometimes number about two hundred and thirty.

The vertebrae may be solid or their centra may be hollowed internally; their surfaces may be flat, biconcave or opisthocoelous.

The vertebral centra are flat or biconcave, and neither they nor the limb bones are hollowed out by internal cavities.

In the mammal they are biconcave disks with bevelled edges, they do not contain a nucleus so that they are not cells.

It was composed of vermiform rods 1⁄1000 inch in width, and breaking up into cylindrical segments with biconcave ends.