Biconvex [adjective]

Definition of Biconvex:

rounded, curving outward

Synonyms of Biconvex:

Opposite/Antonyms of Biconvex:

Sentence/Example of Biconvex:

The atlas (fig. 71) is remarkable, consisting of four pieces, and the first caudal is biconvex.

The first caudal vertebra of modern Crocodilia is biconvex, and in the Chelonia all types of vertebral centra are found.

The coloured corpuscles of amphibia as well as of nearly all vertebrates below mammals are biconvex and elliptical.

The lens is biconvex in diurnal mammals, but in nocturnal and aquatic it is spherical.

The holochroal eyes are of two kinds, one with plano-convex and one with biconvex lenses.

The ovum now assumes somewhat the form of a biconvex lens, in the axis of which the central perforation is still present.

Disk a rather flattened, biconvex lens, about twice as broad as thick.

Central capsule biconvex lenticular, enclosed in the fenestrated shell.

Grain is narrow, obovoid, biconvex, with two grooves on the anterior side and with a long embryo.

Six larger spines in the hydrotomical plane, prominent on the margin of the circular or elliptical biconvex lens.