Bicuspids [noun]

Definition of Bicuspids:

a hard bony structure in the jaws of vertebrates

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Sentence/Example of Bicuspids:

Befure he cud return to his burrow Tusky Bicuspid had seized him be th' tail an' dashed his brains out agin a rock.

The lingual tubercle is very constant on the first bicuspid of man and is as well developed as the buccal.

George T. Carpenter, of Chicago, has a right superior, second bicuspid with three well formed roots.

The upper and lower are both cone-shaped, and the superior first bicuspid exhibits tendency thereto.

The two small bicuspid "pre-molars" and the three large molars follow these on each side in each jaw.

The valves of the left side are the most subject—the bicuspid or mitral and the aortic or semilunar.

That of the left ventricle has only two flaps, and is therefore often spoken of as the bicuspid or mitral valve.

Entry (Mauser), through the mouth, knocking out the left upper canine and bicuspid teeth.

Bicuspid, bī-kus′pid, adj. having two cusps: a pre-molar tooth.

A molar, a bicuspid, a canine, and an incisor were laid in succession on the table.