Bicycled [verb]

Definition of Bicycled:

moving, controlling a vehicle

Synonyms of Bicycled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bicycled:

Sentence/Example of Bicycled:

I bicycled over yesterday evening, and have been at it since then.'

We grown-ups bicycled along behind the seventeen kilometres to Morlaix.

It was fair in the morning so I bicycled, thinking that as the rain was so heavy it would have cleaned the roads.

So now if one bicycled off it would be into the very maw of an angry bull.

She actually bicycled off to the railway station, sent a telegram for her things, and came up to Margaret.

Then she bicycled to the School, where a group of girls whom she had captured for the land were waiting to see her.

The weather was so bright on the day of my departure that, to enjoy it to the full, I bicycled to the railway-town.

I lived exactly as usual; I played golf up to the middle of the seventh month and bicycled up to my very last.

He remembered thatched cottages where he had bicycled for tea, and the naïve rustic folk who had made him welcome.

Larry bicycled up to the white chapel on the hill, to Second Mass, on the following morning.