Bicycling [verb]

Definition of Bicycling:

moving, controlling a vehicle

Synonyms of Bicycling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bicycling:

Sentence/Example of Bicycling:

The word "header" seems to have grown out of that early bicycling period.

A woman who talks of nothing but photography and bicycling, and goes about with her fingers pea-green and her legs in gaiters!

The first illustration of a woman bicycling in knickerbockers occurs in the same year.

Of the brief vogue of bicycling among the "smart set" I have spoken already.

We had scarcely seated ourselves before Hewitt broke into a torrent of conversation on the subject of bicycling.

In conclusion, I will say that bicycling is the most exhilarating and invigorating pastime for boys ever yet discovered.

You will have plenty of time for bicycling if the hills are not too steep, but I hope to make your lessons pleasant to you.

Rat′ionals, dress for women convenient for bicycling, &c.—breeches instead of skirts.

Down the white ribbon of road the Virile Benedict of the Libraries came bicycling, treadling easily from the ankles.

Only fools, Nan believed, met with disasters while bicycling.