Bidden [verb]

Definition of Bidden:

offer money or services

Synonyms of Bidden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bidden:


Sentence/Example of Bidden:

A child soon finds out that to say "I won't" when he is bidden to do something is indiscreet as well as vulgar.

There isn't a girl in a thousand who'd have done that decent thing without being bidden; but—Hello!

Then they began to talk among themselves: what had they done to be thus bidden to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees?

He had acted as Ruth had bidden him; but he had no wish to be further involved in this affair, whatever it might portend.

Richard did as he was bidden, the little reason left him being concentrated wholly on the convincing of his fellow tippler.

We have seen you forego a blood feud and do well to the innocent man whom our faith would have bidden you slay, and it is good.

As bidden, Mary touched her finger first in one cup then in the other, placing each drop in turn on her lips.

He knocked, was bidden to enter, and found his father standing in front of the forced drawer, to which he pointed as he spoke.

It was Lady Baird's birthday feast to which we had been bidden, and we had done our best to honour the occasion.

She was bidden to several social gatherings in Buckeye Lane; and to a dance in town.