Biddies [noun]

Definition of Biddies:

fussy old woman

Synonyms of Biddies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Biddies:


Sentence/Example of Biddies:

"We're all in the same boat," Biddy repeated with cheerful zeal.

Biddy for a while said nothing and they continued their tour of observation.

Biddy stepped nearer at this and drew still further on her courage.

This was copious, yet it was vague, so that Biddy could only respond: "Oh all that?"

Before Nash had had time to answer Biddy had interposed with a sigh.

"You should have seen them; they struck me very much," Biddy said to her cousin.

She received their advances very differently from the way she had received Biddy's.

Biddy Dormer was as absent from his mind as if she had never existed.

"For thinking she can act when she can't," said the roguish Biddy.

Grace, however, was a fool, for Biddy certainly wouldn't come.