Biding [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Biding:

That's going to make things lots easier for my scheme, 'but I'll 'bide a wee' before I spring it on the Pater.

He was perfectly contented to bide his time, remembering that adage: "All things come to him who waits."

I am not sure that she thinks of me otherwise than as a grown-up brotherbut I will bide my time.

Let him tak a spring on his ain fiddle, says a proverb that illustrates the coolness with which Donald will bide his time.

But he could hardly have kept it up, lest the wind should change and it should bide with him, as the old women say.

They took their chaffing as good fellows and comrades are bound to do, only vowing inwardly to bide their time for revenge.

The Earl answered that he was going to bide the coming of King Olaf, for most like did it seem that war was at hand.

"I'd bide my time, and make you swallow your own foot in time, if you did," retorted Hal undauntedly.

He could bide his time yet a little longer, for a crafty purpose suddenly entered his brain.

At eleven o'clock a boy arrived at Bide-a-Wee with an interesting-looking package, which I promptly opened.