Bifurcated [verb]

Definition of Bifurcated:

divide into two branches

Synonyms of Bifurcated:

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Sentence/Example of Bifurcated:

Contrary to what it might look like, the bi-stable hinge doesn’t split the shoe in half, but rather bifurcates the outsole, according to Sarah Reinertsen, Nike’s lead designer of the GO FlyEase.

The arms were short and thick and ended in bifurcated lumps of flesh like swollen hands encased in old-fashioned mittens.

The hafting area consists of an expanded stem that is shallowly bifurcated.

Except for the bifurcated stem some examples are similar to some of the Jude points recovered in this excavation.

Then, for the first time, the officer recalled that the trail bifurcated like the river itself.

The hafting area consists of a stem that is usually expanded (rarely, straight) and always deeply bifurcated.

Here a bifurcated ridge in the baby is filled up in the boy.

A zone of luminous dust, extending from north to south, bifurcated above their heads.

She was holding up a bifurcated crimson garment, and greeted Luke absently.

The division of the flat leaf-like colony by two, resulting in bifurcated branches, is another obvious feature of the Sea-Mat.